City Hall Child Care Society grew out of an initiative in 1974 by Alderwoman Darlene Marzari and the Vancouver Municipal and 
Regional Employees Union. With the assistance of Vancouver’s Civic Planning Department, the Daycare was established in 1975 and the Centre officially opened in June of 1975.


Since its inception, the Centre has occupied the 12th and Cambie site.  Ownership transferred from the Vancouver School Board to the City of Vancouver and in 1988/89 the site was redeveloped into its present location. Discussions during redevelopment between the City of Vancouver and City Hall Child Care Society led to the present purpose built facility. The Infant Care Program  opened in 1991 to the already existing Under 3 Program and Over 3 Program.


The Additional Support Program started in 1992 providing support to those children requiring extra support.  The addition of those two new programs created Vancouver’s first comprehensive Child Care Program serving children from 3 months to Kindergarten Entry, thus paving the way for the beginning of many more programs of the same format.






  • To operate a non profit, integrated childcare facility as permitted by Provincial Law and regulations and to manage the affairs of the Society by a Board of Directors


  • To provide an optimum level of child care delivery, staffing and facilities which meet the individual needs of children and families


  • To work closely with Parents and Early Childhood Educators to further the overall development of young children.


  • To encourage and promote the education and training of Early Childhood Educators


  • To seek and strengthen the affairs of the Society by encouraging cooperation and support of other Child Care Agencies.


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