Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

We are located at 2685 Cambie Street. We are not located at City Hall! Our building is located in between Cambie and 12th and Cambie and 10th on the west side of Cambie. We are across the street from the City Hall building.


Q: Is the daycare for City Hall Employees only?

CHCCS is a non profit society serving the community. Although we give priority to City Hall Employees, the spaces are also open to families in the community.


Q: How many children do you enroll per program?

The Infant program enrolls 10 children. The Under Three program enrolls 12 children. The Over Three program enrolls 25 children. We also have an inclusion contract with Center for Ability and we accept children who have consulted for inclusion spaces.


Q: When should I go on the waitlist?

Infant Program – Most people go on the waitlist when they are pregnant, when you have a due date would be a good time.

Under 3 Program – We discourage you from going on the waitlist for this program as we seldom go to the waitlist to fill vacancies. Please do not expect to receive a call for enrollment in this program.

Over 3 Program – Most vacancies for this program occur through the summer, if you are looking for childcare for your 3 year old before he or she is kindergarten age consider this waitlist.


Q: How long is the waitlist? What does that mean in terms of a timeline?

CHCCS’s keeps a waitlist of children for each program. The length of waiting time is different for each age group and type of care. The longest wait times are for children under three years of age. Waitlist times can vary and are difficult to predict.


Q: How do I go on the waitlist?

Check out our website


Q: How do I know if I am on the waitlist?

The withdrawal of the waitlist amount ($20.00) from your account is confirmation your waitlist application has been processed. We are unable to confirm receipt of waitlist applications.


Q: Where am I on the waitlist?

CHCCS is unable to provide you with a number on the waitlist. The number you are on the waitlist is not relevant in getting a space as there are many factors taken into consideration when a space is offered these include: the month and time a space becomes available, the date you registered for the waitlist, the age of your child when you are looking for care, the needs of the program and the program you are looking for etc.)


Q: Do I need to put my child on all three program’s (Infant, U3 and O3) waitlists?

Once you are on the infant waitlist, your child will roll on to the next waitlist as he/she ages out of each program. You do not have to put your child on three different waitlist. He/she will stay on the waitlist till they are 5 years old.


Q:I would like to add a sibling to an existing waitlist application?

Please email the daycare indicating the additional child along with the DOB or expected due date and we will update for you. WE do not charge an additional fee for siblings.

Q: Can I drop off my waitlist or visit the centre if I am in the area?

Please mail Waitlist form along with a cheque for the 20.00 non refundable waitlist fee. Payment by cheque is the only form of payment we accept for the waitlist fee. 

Please do not drop off your waitlist at the daycare, mail only.


Q:Do you accept drop in care? 

We do not accept drop in care. We are a non profit society that accepts children on a full time or part time basis only. A one month notice is required for cancellation of enrollment.


Q: Do you have a hot lunch program?



Q: Do you have parking?

We have three parent drop off spots in the City Hall employee parking lot for parents of the children enrolled at CHCCS. These spots are for drop off and pick up only and must not have vehicles parked in it for more than 10 minutes. If you expect to be at CHCCS for longer than 10 minutes, you may park in the City Square Mall parking lot.


Q: Can I visit the facility?

The Infant Program at CHCCS holds tours with appointments. It is recommended that you already have your child on the waitlist before you come to tour the facility. If you have an infant on the waitlist, you must visit the facility BEFORE you are offered a spot. Once you are offered a spot there is no opportunity to tour the facility. 

The Under Three and Over Three Program will host a tour after you have been offered a spot. There is no opportunity to visit the U3 and O3 program before you have been offered a spot.

Please call the daycare 604-876-8918 to schedule a tour.


Q: I have an appointment, how do I find the centre?

Recommended route to the daycare on foot:

Exit the mall through the food court and come down the stairs to your far right do not take the stairs directly in front of the exit doors.

Come down the stairs and take a left into the Infant Programs outdoor play area or take a right and come through the Toddler & Over3 Outside play area.

Knock on the Door straight in from of the gate for the Over 3 Program or walk to your right for the Under 3 Program, be patient it sometimes takes a minute to answer.

If you have a stroller or are unable to take the stairs:

Walk north from 12th avenue towards 10th avenue. If you go past 10th you have gone too far.

As you pass the parkade entrance on the opposite side of a brick wall you will see a walkway. Follow the fence and the perimeter of the play yard to the right, you will see a gate for the Over 3 & and if you Under 3 Programs continue along past the stairs on your right you will come to the Infant Program.


Q: What are your fees?

There is a fee schedule in the “Fee” section of the website.

Q: Do you close for summer and spring break?

We are not closed to public school summer, spring, and winter breaks.


Q: What are your hours?

We are open from 8:00 A.M and 5:45 P.M.


Q: Can we put our enrollment on hold if we go on holiday or want to take a break?

When you go away on holiday the expectation is that the space you occupied be held for you until you return. Since CHCCS is unable to fill spots for short term care, your account will be debited for full program fees.


Parent Participation

Once enrolled at City hall Child Care Society you will be required to participate in the operation of our Centre by committing to a Parent Task each month. The Task List is a comprehensive list of detailed maintenance, upkeep and other needs of the Society. 

A task list for the centre is provided in your child’s program, each month you can schedule a task and ensure it is completed within the month or combine a few task and bank hours, we also have some tasks which require long term commitment as well. 

Full time enrollment requires 1hr per month or $20.00 fee, part time enrollment requires ½ hour per month or $10.00 fee. In lieu of Parent Tasks a fee is required which you can have scheduled to pay along with the monthly childcare fees. 

Q: How much notice do I need to provide if I want to withdraw my child from care at CHCCS?

Notice is required on the first of the month if you wish to have your deposit refunded. If you do not provide notice as of the first of the month and for the full 30 days (with February being an exception).​


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