Mabel's Labels offers a variety of useful personalized labels providing an easy solution to ensuring your child's items are easy to locate.

     Labelling your child's items helps daycare staff to easily identify each child's belongings helping to minimize lost and misplaced items.

                                                12 pairs of muddy buddies and countless lunch containers are not easy to identify.

                                      Click on the Buy Mabel's Labels Tab to purchase personalized labels for your children and family.










City Hall Child Care Society is a Non Profit Child Care Program with charitable status.  We fundraise as a means to purchase program enhancements.  New toys and play equipment are a priority for an enriched program  We depend on families to help make all fundraising campaigns a success.















                                                                                           SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS

Each month you will find a Scholastic flyer/catalogue posted in your child’s cubby.  Scholastics BOOKS is a Canadian Company based out of Ontario.  They offer many great reading choices for a low price.  Scholastic Book Clubs gives us very good dividends and also provides discounted items that we enjoy.  Order forms will be available the beginning of each month, orders will be due the 15th of each month.  Payment via cheque payable to Scholastic Book Club.  You can also visit the website to view the monthly catalogue and order online  www.scholastic.ca  If you are ordering online please notify Tina of your order.


                                                                                      SPUD Online Grocery Shopping

       City Hall Child Care Society has joined SPUD to offer families an opportunity to shop from home while supporting the daycare's fundraising efforts. 

       SPUDS will donate 25% of the cost of each SPUD Produce Box ordered.  To start shopping and help raise funds for toys and play equipment go to

       www.spud.ca/fundraising Enter the promo code "FUNDRAISING", a list of participating groups will appear.  Select "City Hall Child Care" and complete

       your order.  Your order will be delivered to your home or office.  This is an ongoing fundraiser so there is no deadline.  Spread the word about this

       fundraiser to family and friends.  Avoid those grocery store lineups and have your food delivered to your door.

       4 easy steps.  1.) www.spud.ca 

                           2.) Create a Account 

                           3.) Place your order  

                           4.) Check out and use promo code FUNDRAISING select "City Hall Child Care"


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