We offer part time enrollment 2 or 3 days/week

2 days = Mon/Tues or Thurs/Fri

3 days = Mon - Wed or Wed - Fri

  • Families may put their child on the waitlist once you have a confirmed due date.  We do not require copies of birth certificates.​

  • To go on CHCCS Waitlist,  please fill out the Waitlist Application Form and send to chccs.waitlist@outlook.com

  • CHCCS requires a $20.00 non-refundable application fee.   Please        e transfer your application fee to cityhallchildcare@telus.net

  • Unfortunately due to Covid -19 restrictions we are unable to offer tours of our facility at this time.

                Please check back we will be adding a photo gallery to this page...


City Hall Child Care Society is an inclusive child care program.  We are proud of our skills and training and endeavour to provide an enriched environment where children thrive.


The waitlist for the Over 3 Program is managed by  BC Centre for Ability

If you are interested in the Infant or U3 Program for your child with extra support needs please email chccs.waitlist@outlook.com for more information.


  • While we have priority for space we do not operate on a                    "first come, first serve basis" .  

  • We are unable to respond to requests regarding places on waitlists or forecast when you can expect to receive an offer of enrollment.

  • Should you not get into our Infant Program it is unlikely a space in the Toddler Program will be available as priority is given to children currently enrolled in our Infant Program.  

  • If you are looking for Toddler Care as an initial childcare arrangement  we discourage you from going on our Waitlist as spaces rarely open up for that Program.


  1. Siblings of children currently enrolled

  2. Staff of The Society

  3. City Hall Employees

  4. The public


  We cannot guarantee that a space will become available,  we encourage you too explore many child care options. 

Please contact Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre for more information regarding childcare in your community www.wstcoast.org 



  • When we became aware of an upcoming enrollment vacancy we begin the enrollment process of sending email notifications to a number of eligible families on the waitlist to confirm interest

  • Families have 24 hours to respond to the emailed notification

  • From these responses we will offer the space to the first "eligible" family who meet the enrollment criteria

  • Please ensure we have the most accurate email addresses on file.

  • If you would like to make changes to your information please email chccs.waitlist@outlook.com please include your child's last name and birthdate to help locate your information.


  • Once you have been offered enrollment and agreed to a start date.  CHCCS will require 1/2 months fee for the enrollment deposit

  • Please e transfer the confirmed amount for the enrollment deposit to cityhallchildcare@telus.net within 24 hours to secure your space. 

  • The enrollment deposit will be applied to the last month of your child's attendance provided proper submitted to the  
    Executive Director as per the Parent Agreement