City Hall Child Care Society is happy to be a participant of the BC Child Care Operating Funding Program. 

                                This funding available to eligible licensed providers through 3 funding initiatives.  CHCCS applies for this 

                                             funding annually,  our current fee rates are subject to being approved for the CCFRI

1. Child Care Operating Base Funding (CCOF) 

CCOF assists providers with funding based on current enrollment to assist in the day to day costs of running a facility.

2. Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) 

CCFRI enhances child care affordability by offering funding to eligible licensed child care providers to reduce and stabilize parents' monthly child care fees.  This initiative provides families with a monthly fee reduction of up to $350.00 for children enrolled in the Infant & U3 Program and $100.00 for children enrolled in the Over 3 Program (Current Child Care Fees below)

Child Care Programs must apply for BC Government's Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative annually.   

3. Early Childhood Educator Wage Enhancement (ECE-WE)

As part of the Government's Early Care and Learning Recruitment and Retention Strategy, front line Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) working in licensed child care facilities may be eligible to receive a $2 per hour wage enhancement.

                              INFANT & U3 PROGRAM                              Full Time                          3 days                         2 days

                              Program FEE                                                 1650.00                          1105.00                       745.00

                              B.C Child Care Fee Reduction                        350.00                           210.00                       140.00                                                           _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                   1300.00                            895.00                        605.00

       OVER 3 PROGRAM                                        Full Time                          3 days                         2 days

                              Program FEE                                                1200.00                            840.00                       545.00

                              B.C Child Care Fee Reduction                        100.00                              60.00                         40.00


                                                                                                 1100.00                            780.00                        505.00

Eligible families may receive a full or partial subsidy through the Affordable Child Care Benefit

Funding Sources

CHCCS is fortunate to currently be a successful applicant and receive funding through BC Child Care Operating Funding Program and these funds help to reduce fees, subsidize staff wages as well as annual operating costs.  The Board of Directors is fiscally responsible for CHCCS and makes decisions based on the longevity of the daycare.

As a non profit charitable organization CHCC thankfully accepts cash donation and will happily provide a donation receipt for income tax purposes.

The BC Gaming Community Grant has been a long time supporter of CHCCS and we apply for their community grant as well as other grants available to help with projects, repairs and annual operating expenses.