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Welcome to City Hall Child Care Society, we are proud to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.  We strive to provide an environment that fulfills expectations of quality childcare and provides your child with opportunities to grow, explore, create and thrive.


It's important to us at CHCCS that families feel at ease and know their child is in a quality care environment.  Therefeore, we look forward to gradual entry and getting to know you and your child.   At all times program staff are available to answer any questions and provide additional program information 

The transition from home to daycare can be unpredictable, the time it takes for children to be ready can vary from child to child.   It is important for us that children have time it takes to settle in  become familiar with staff, become familiar with routines and the environment and begin to develop trust and security .   We ask that families stay  flexible through out the whole gradual entry process as we will keep you updated regarding your your child's adjustment to their new daily environment and routine and may have to adjust the gradual entry timeline for your child.  

Sample Gradual Entry Schedule 

Day 1 : Child comes for a visit for 1-2 hours, parent stays

Day 2: Child comes for a visit, parent may leave for a short time

Day 3: Child comes for morning and may stay for lunch, parent will p/u after lunch

Day 4: Child comes for morning, stays for lunch and may stay for nap, parent will p/u after nap

Day 5: Child comes for a full day!


CHCCS is open Monday thru Friday

8:00 am to 5:45 pm 

(CHCCS closes promptly at 5:45, therefore your child must be signed out and ready to go prior to 5:45) 


Christmas Eve thru to New Year's Day       

Family Day 

Good Friday & Easter Monday               

Victoria Day                     

B.C. Day     

Labour Day

Truth & Reconciliaiton Day


Remembrance Day          


Any other day proclaimed as a holiday by the federal, provincial, or municipal government for the locality in which an employee is working shall also be a paid holiday.

When a holiday closure falls on the weekend, closure will be the following Monday.



Please print and complete before your 1st gradual entry visit.

*   CCFL Registration Form 

*   New Family Information

*   New Child Information

*   Emergency Cards (2)

*   Immunization Record

*   Consent Form

*   Asthma Care Plan 

 to be completed if your child has been diagnosed with asthma

*  Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan  -

 Licensing requires your child to have 2 epi pens available at daycare at all times

*  Seizure Care Plan  

 your child will need to have a care plan if they have a history or seizure activity.

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