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 City Hall Child  Care Society 


 A message will be sent out via "LILIO" before 7:00am notifying families if we are closed. 

 Please assume CHCCS is open you do not receive a message by 7:00am notifying families that CHCCS is closed

City Hall Child Care Society will notify families of a closure in the morning under any of the following conditions:

  • Schools in the area are closed 

  • Transit has reported ALERTS regarding operation en route to Cambie & Broadway

  • We are unable to adequately staff the daycare and maintain child : staff ratio within Licensing Regulations

City Hall Child Care Society remains open with snow conditions

  • When CHCCS remains open, morning road conditions may make it difficult for staff to arrive on time.  Parents may be asked to wait until staff arrive in order to meet licensing requirements.

  • Keep in mind road conditions may causes delays. Unless notified of an early pick up, the daycare will close at 5:45

  • Late fines will apply if your child is picked up after 5:45

City Hall Child Care Society will notify families of a midday closure under the following conditions:

  • Any of the above or:

  • Weather changes, slippery conditions or snow accumulations during the day whereby transportation to and from the daycare becomes unsafe.  Should this occur parents will be contacted by program staff and given a specified time to pick up their child.                        

  • Late fines will apply to the revised pick up time during an Emergency Closure.

We would appreciate your help to clear the walkways

Although the snow is pretty to look at, it poses a safety risk as the walkways can be quite slippery.  The daycare is responsible to keep the walkway around the perimeter of the daycare clear.  Staff may not have time to do this in the morning before the children arrive.  We would appreciate it if you have time at drop off to help staff clear the snow and salt the walkway, we have shovels and salt available.          


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